Yunnan Tienchi Ginseng

Yunnan Tienchi Ginseng

■Health supplement

Tienchi ginseng is a special plant from the Wenshan district in the Yunnan province. It is strictly controlled by the officials in Yunnan province as the production is low as it takes several years to harvest. It is also known as Kinfukan, meaning more valuable than gold, and has been highly evaluated by nobility from years passed.

We recommend Yunnan Tienchi Ginseng for the following symptoms:

  • ・For the liver after excess intake of alcohol
  • ・For unstable blood pressure
  • ・For diabetes
  • ・For poor digestion
  • ・For beauty and health
  • ・For sore shoulders and back pain
  • ・For constipation

Yunnan Province, China 薬保険品進出口公司/manufactured under the supervision of Ryodoraku Research Institute, Ltd

Beware of imitation products!

Many Tienchi ginseng is sold in Japan, however, Yunnan province officials guarantee the quality of this product only.